S7 basic course

S7 basic course

During three days EVN employees had the oportunity to learn basic functionalities of the Siemens S7 system. enet GmbH provided and adapted training content according to the EVN needs.

Participants were able to test live in the house the redundancy functionality of an H controller and to tray to change components during operation(live). With the configuration software STEP 7 small program enhancements and system analyzes were performed.

The goal was to give the participants basic information about S7 system in order to learn them how to recognize software and hardware failures and how to independently perform simple plant expansions.

Course content:
Use the configuration software STEP 7 for diagnostic, troubleshooting and repairment
Identify and correct basic hardware problems
Identify and eliminate software problems
Redundant hardware during live operation (H-system)
Simple plant expansions

Used hardware components:
CPU 315 2DP , S7 400 H-System
IM 153-2: SM321/SM322