IFA Tulln

IFA Tulln

Customer: IFA Tulln (interuniversitary department for agro-biotechnology Tulln)
Industry: environmental biotechnology

Client Requirements:

  • Customized automation solution for a pilot installation.
  • Cost efficient and in the same time flexible hardware and software solution, with project goals to actively contribute to (reduction of space, energy consumption and operating costs).
  • Remote access, monitoring and analysis.
  • Ability of parameterization for a real operation.


  • Implementation of small but very powerful hardware and software solutions (CPU314C, Micromaster 420, WinCC)
  • Close collaboration and consideration of customer needs (parameterizable polygon curve for pump control, diurnal variation curve, archiving of all parameter, and so on)
  • Remote access to all WinCC Station functions and as well access to the program Step 7

Client benefits:

  • Flexibility through the use of integrated systems as well as open parameterization via the user interface
  • With optimal design of implemented hardware solutions, costs for potential further extensions could be reduced
  • The open designed implementation allows the customer simple and efficient adjustments or optimizations
  • With remote access capability onsite presence is not necessary