SAP Integration

SAP Integration

Project „Leimfabrik“ (glue factory) batch production with fully SAP integration
Customer: Fritz EGGER GmbH & Co. OG
Industry: Lumber Industry


The goal is development and implementation of the complete solution for the newly constructed glue factory in Romania. Furthermore the final goal is possibility to implement this solution also to the other production sites as well.

  • Main objective is complete system integration in existing SAP structures.
  • Data administration is centered in SAP at the head office in St. Johann in Tyrol.
  • Process data from SAP should ensure an optimal production by using recipes and subordinated process control technology.
  • At the same time the report of used raw materials and other production data should be delivered to the SAP system.
  • Via Wonderware integrate interface for Siemens controller S7-400 with Siemens control system PCS 7 as joint component of complete solution.
  • Standardization of reporting and creation of key figures which provide easier comparison of production plans with real production.

Basis for the successful implementation of this Project was the intense preparation of concepts and design specifications. The structure and interfaces were defined in close cooperation with the customer as well as all technical and organizational processes. Furthermore everything is documented in a very detailed and comprehensive specification and documentation.
When specification was successful approved with emphasis on the time schedule FAT, the realization and construction started. In that time all functions have been tested by enet with in-house test setups and simulations.
After the very intensive and informative FAT for all involved persons, optimizations and adaptations were finished before implementation had started locally in Romania. With the precise tests as part of the FAT, the implementation phase was reduced and the first production was produced even before planned date.
Finally with close cooperation and the relevant knowledge of the production managers and managers from other glue facilities of the EGGER Group, the local staff was trained in very short time.

Benefits and results:
Through successful realization and implementation of complete solutions specifically customized to addresses client requirements, all possible sources for errors are minimized. Closed circuit between SAP-MES and process control, together in connection with the reporting system provide various options for comparison and optimization.