enet GmbH is working in a wide range of industries where we have more than 20 years of experience including three major: process automation, transport and infrastructure and manufacturing automation. Over the years with the customers' requirement, employees’ innovation and the vision of the enet GmbH founder Mr. Crepaz we managed to finish many successful projects in all areas.

enet GmbH strengthened and developed over the years. Advanced and specialized while working on the projects, on the field and during planning. Individual projects can be found in detail under the Projects section.

Specialization, high quality standards and years of experience in process automation and IT industries

Manufacturing automation

Automation engineering for industry companies in the fields of automotive, manufactural, heavy and paper industry are part of our core business activities. We are working with small innovative manufacturing cells, with complex multi-axis controllers, robots, handling systems including all aspects of safety for machines. SIL calculation according to IEC 62061, Performance Level PL according to ISO 13849 and Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and so forth. Our main focus is special requiered implementations for plant, construction and mechanical engineering companies where our experience, flexibility and simple structure are our bigest advantage.

Process automation

siemens-zertifikatenet GmbH is developing and implementing process control systems in the areas of paper, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the energy, oil and gas sectors. If we look at our long-term customer relationships and partnerships we can say that we are working globaly together with national and international corporations. This gives us technological and economic advantages and always new oportunites. In addition to specialized software solutions we offer, we are also supplier for complete E-MSR technology packages, including (process) control. We are working on projects including all aspects of functional safety in the process industry according to IEC 61511 or IEC 61508th.

Traffic and infrastructure

siemens-zertifikatenet GmbH is service provider for control systems, network and other control technology used in tunnels, transport, local and industrial infrastructures (water supply, waste water treatment, etc.) airport projects such as ramp and runway lighting. Infrastructure projects are usually implemented with or for partner companies. We are specialized in traffic control systems offering platform-independent system solutions such as WinCC OA and Siemens controlling. Our own internally developed traffic matrix, traffic control, logging system and various developed interfaces/connectors are proof that we are a highly specialized solutions provider.
Based on our solution competence in implementing different systems with the process control technologies, network engineering, industrial IT, with our overall experience in the field Telemechanic (IEC 60870 -5-101 / 104), traffic control, industrial infrastructure we are able to handle big and complex projects.